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Software Solutions, Computer Networks and Services


AB Computer Consulting complements its software services and products with networks, servers and desktop support. There no better solution that receiving the whole computer related support from a unique company. When a problem occurs there are no pointing finger. This of course is an option an there are cases when the technical support is provided with a reputable third party, we are use to work also in this mode respecting the choice made by our products customers.


Network Design and Administration

When properly designed, implemented and maintained a data network is an important tool to making your company more competitive. Speed and reliability are key factors to avoid frustration and loss of revenue due to lack of productivity. Routers, switches, DSL modems and wireless access points must be integrated in the most efficient and cost effective way for your needs.

We can offer services for the design of wired and wireless networks including all the security aspects for protection of your data against undesirable intrusions.

From the design we complement services with the consulting services to evaluate the status of your existing network and the remote administration of your network, users, groups and security access system.


Email servers

If you require to maintain an internal corporate mail server we can implement an maintain it.


Remote Access

Our services include solution for remote access to your applications which can be provided to individual telecommuters or access from remote offices to your headquarter computer network and systems.


Desktop Support

Because workstations are the most popular elements in your dta processing environment special attention we can provide to you. Generally they are the first source of support calls and that is enough reason to provide them the attention that deserve. Our services include data protection against virus and malware as well as performance evaluation to increase the productivity of the workstations.


Data Protection

Our services include a complete evaluation and solution to protect the most valuable asset, your company data. Accidental or intentional data loss can occur, the only solution is be prepared and have a comprehensive plan and solutions to recover the company from data loss or corruption. Accidents or Disasters can happen at any time but recovery is possible always. We have several backup solutions you can choose from. We have experience with extensive deployments of IBM TSM and Symantec Netbackup.


Consulting Services

Let us check you environment and we will let you know where your problems are. We will also will  create a plan to resolve them.




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