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 Intuitive and easy to use

 Powerful and flexible Scheduling System

 Eliminate long hours required for scheduling

 Avoid visits overlapping

 Consolidation of time keeping, payroll and invoicing in one automated process

 Save time and increase efficiency in the decision making process

 Shorten your company finances revenue cycle

 Reduce your expenses

 Quick and accurate invoicing to Health Care Facilities

 Easy generation of Payroll to staff members

 Fast tracking of the progress notes and the weekly forms

 Increase in your staff satisfaction

 Maximize the utilization of your administrative and technical staff

 Well structured Human Resource System ensure compliance with AHCA Regulations

 Comprehensive reporting that allows track data for management oversight

 Reduced training requirement


As a response to the necessity for an efficient Management System for Health Care Services Pool companies, AB Computer Consulting has developed a computer program to assist you in resolving the administrative burden of the daily activities related to your office. 


Our company has a strong relation with the Health Care Industry and its dynamics.  We know as no other vendor your issues and this knowledge is included in the software we offer you.  Our professionals have the experience to navigate the complex healthcare software world. We have designed, developed, and implemented a wide variety of technological software solutions.   Total Staff Solution (TSS) being one of them compiles all that experience and standards developed

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